310 Wellington St., St. Thomas, ON N5R 2T1      (519) 633-8181


14558926-assortment-of-fresh-organic-vegetables--on-the-wooden-desk--with-water-dropletsCountry Charm Cafe is a great family restaurant, owned and operated by Raymond Gocan.

Our goal is to make sure that each guest receives prompt, professional and friendly service and have a great experience while they are here.

The menu is ‘home’ cooked and exciting. We use not only excellent fresh, seasonal products but also much of what is “best in Elgin”.

We love what we do Рand do it well.  Why not drop by and enjoy a great meal Рprepared and served by our team of talented and skilled people.

Trip Advisor rated this near the top of St.Thomas restaurants, so we gave it a go recently. Iit belongs near the top as we had a terrific breakfast. The eggs were fresh and cooked exactly to order; the 'shredded' potatoes were excellent ... more than we could eat, but very good. And I would guess that the bacon is local, although our server didn't know. A basic breakfast very well prepared is a delight.

Near the top of the heap in St. Thomas

Want a amazing breakfast or home made soups look no further....absolutely amazing food and staff

Best Breakfast Ever

A great place for breakfast! If you want a small diner to grab some breakfast this is the place to go! It's nothing fancy just a good solid restaurant with great food, good service and well priced. I'm excited to have a new favorite breakfast house!

Great Breakfast

 310 Wellington St., St. Thomas, ON N5R 2T1      (519) 633-8181